As it was: Felixstowe Port and Harbour 2008

As it was: Felixstowe Port and Harbour 2008

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Uploaded on 2 February, 2016

It’s quite surprising how much the port has changed in 8 years. Everything’s bigger, the ships, the ship to shore cranes and the new berths at Landguard. Some things are still familiar, but there are some views on these stills taken on a trip round the harbour on the Brightlingsea in May 2008 that are gone forever. There’s the old car ferry ramps, the dock basin entrance, and the oil terminal.

Also in this video are some shots of the old Landguard Terminal with ships loading and unloading, now stripped of cranes and languishing in disuse whilst it silts up.  Most of the shots of Landguard were taken at the beginning of 2008 with the OPDR ship being taken on 31st May next to a green crane which had been brought in after an accident in March 2008.   The Zhenhua 21, a ship delivering new cranes for Trinity Terminal, broke its moorings in a storm and crashed into the dockside at Landguard.   Here’s how FTV reported it in 2008.

Trinity Terminal looks much the same today as 8 years ago but people who know the docks will see minor changes such as replacement of cranes.

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