Volunteers at Felixstowe TV

Volunteers at Felixstowe TV

Eric St. John-Foti, All Saints Trust    Owner/Managing Director

Maureen Gay          Director, Management Team, Presenter

Paul Lyon                Management Team, Videographer, Editor, Presenter

Mrs Manson            Management Team, Videographer, Editor, Social Media, dept of rock n roll

Matt Chenery Photographer, Videographer, Assistant Manager

Jake Carrington Videographer, Editor

Aaron Foley Videographer, Editor, Social Media

Mark Reid               Videographer, Editor, Social Media, Presenter

Connor Davenport Videographer, Editor, Social Media

Frank Zizca Photographer, Videographer, I.T

Caitlin Keenan-Jones Photographer, Videographer

Yolanda Corkhill Photographer

Jane Power            Presenter

Ruth Dugdall           Presenter

Michael Ninnmey    Presenter

Rhys Rodwell         Videographer, Camera person, Editor, IT

Murray Collins       Videographer Camera person, Editor, IT, Musician

Dan Cozens            Presenter, Musician

Martin Grayling     Videographer, Editor

James Wh Smith Drone Videographer

Nathan Beuchet Videographer, Presenter, Gaming Dept

Luke Penning and Village Green Pictures, Videographer

Charlie Fosker Videographer, Admin

Pat Swann             Administration, Presenter

Adrian Morris Head of I.T Dept


We are always looking for volunteers to join our ever expanding team. Send us a message on our facebook page to find out more.