Departure of the CSCL Globe from Felixstowe

Departure of the CSCL Globe from Felixstowe

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Uploaded on 9 January, 2015

The CSCL Globe arrived in Felixstowe on her maiden European call on 7th January. At 19,100 TEU it was the world’s largest container ship. Large crowds came to both the arrival and departure and the visit was featured in national and local news. The CSCL Globe went into service in November ant it’s reign as the world’s largest container ship was only 56 days as the MSC Oscar went to sea for the first time on 8th January from the shipyard in Busan in South Korea on 8th January. At 19,226 TEU it trumps the Globe although it is slightly narrower and shorter. The extra load is accounted for by differences in construction of these behemoths. It’s sister ship, the MSC Oliver is due for completion in April which will relegate the Globe to third.

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